Planks A Lot

PhotobucketHolding tight in the Sunday Sun. Workout:

Part I Pair up with a partner.  Ten pulls on the rower for distance, each pull initiated once meters stop accumulating on the computer from the previous pull.  Then race your partner, each rowing the distance that the partner pulled in the beginning.  Rest three minutes, repeat.

Part II Six minute running clock- Run 200 meters, then with the remaining time, AMRAP: 20 double unders/max reps push ups/ max reps ring rows.  For the push ups and ring rows, one partner will start on each movement.  You get as many reps as you can but can only continue as long as your partner is doing reps or holding a push up or ring row plank.  Score is total team number of push up and ring row reps. Rest three minutes, repeat.

Part III 45 seconds of GHD sit ups, med ball sit ups, star sit ups, and shins to stick.  FGB style transitions.

Programming: Josh

This Friday the 9th, The Point Chophouse Christmas Party, 6:30p.m.