Take It Easy

PhotobucketThe 9a.m. group all carrying their weight.This week is the "deload' week of our 7 week cycle. For the people who have been following the cycle the past 5 weeks and are looking forward to next weeks test workouts, you should be taking it easy this week. That does not mean spending the next week on the couch. It simply means adding an extra rest day or two and when you come in don't go 100%. For example today we back squatted at 85% of what you would normally do. Now is not the time to shock the system for an adaptation, most of them have been made. Now is the time to get your body fully recovered from any and all workouts, to put yourself in the best position for next weeks performances. Simply put, take it easy this week.


Back Squat 1 x 5 85% of 5 rep


3 Rounds:

3 minute AMRAP:

5 DB Front Squat

5 DB Push Press

5 Lateral Jump (over and back is one rep)

When three minutes is up, go right into ~70 meter farmer carry.  Next round starts at minute 4.  12 minute running clock. 

Programming: Gary

This Friday the 9th, The Point Chophouse Christmas Party, 6:30p.m.