Laughs and Lifting

PhotobucketCheck out Funny Man Michael Mancini on January 22nd at The Crow's Nest. Here he is pictured with Sabrina, nice shot.

The Olympic Lifting seminar was amazing today. Can't say enough about the quality of coaching that we got. Looking forward to bringing some of that knowledge to the gym. Here's a video of some extremely small and powerful women. Weightlifting


6 minute clock

400m buy in for all

Then for remainder of the 6 minutes

Team A completes :


5 fronts squats (95/135)

7 burpee pull ups

All team members can work at the same time

While Team A completes

AMRAP 25m prowler pushes

Half of the team may work at a time

Then: repeat: 6 min clock and 400m buy in but switch AMRAP exercises


3 minute clock

All 200m

Wall ball situps for remainder of time (8/12) 

Record all reps for each team

Programming: Helene