Cool Like That

He never disappoints. Josh cooks up another goody for the Sunday crew.

This week is test week. That means we are doing Christine Monday, Back Squat Wednesday, Helen Thursday and Handstand Pushup Friday. Put yourself in a good position to feel good, perform at your best and have fun! If possible go to bed early, get as much sleep as you can, keep quality and quantity of food in mind, good stretch post workout, stay hydrated. Ask a trainer if you have any questions about anything. Looking forward to this week, should be fun!


Three rounds for time: With a partner 200 meter med-ball toss run - partners alternate throwing the med ball backwards over their heads for 200 meters. 10 wall ball tosses - each partner thrusters the med-ball over the pull up bar 10 times - if you drop the ball start over. 10 med-ball slam passes - each partner ball slam passes the med-ball to their partner, 10 reps each.  Hold a static squat position after each slam until you are passed the ball. Prowler push (90/180) - each partner is allowed three steps before they have to relinquish the prowler to their partner. 15  push ups (each) - alternate reps, hold a plank while waiting for your partner to finish their rep. 

Programming: Josh