Back In Action!

PhotobucketWe're back! We apologize for that little cyber-space malfunction.

What a week it has been.  Amazing performances all across the board, and we still have one day to go, handstand pushups!  

IMPORTANT NOTICE - We will begin handing out the "7 Week Focus Point Cycle Survey" tomorrow so make sure you get a copy and return it ASAP! Your feedback is crucial in deciding what's next, we appreciate it!



3 Rounds:

400m Run

21 KBS (24/16kg)

12 Pull Ups

Programming: Gary

"Life is largely a process of adaption to circumstances in which we exist. A perenial give-and-take has been going on between living matter and its inanimate surroundings, between one living being and another, ever since the dawn of life in the prehistoric oceans. The secret of health and happiness lies in successful adjustment to the every-changing conditions on this globe; the penalties for failure in this great process of adaptation are disease and unhappiness." Hans Selye, The Stress of Life