6 a.m. Class


9 a.m. Class

The 7 week cycle has come to a close, what a way to finish, with handstand pushups. It is pretty amazing if you look at the amount of PR's that went down today. Posted above are the 6a.m. and 9a.m. classes. The number one goal in trying out this new cycle was to put everyone in the best position to "realize" progress. Progress is defined as "movement, as toward a goal; advance." Progress can mean a whole host of things in Crossfit, e.g. getting stronger, faster, more powerful, better cardio-respiratory capacity, more stamina, flexibility and the list goes on. You could also look at progress as maintaining health through life. That means you do not necessarily have to get stronger, faster, or more powerful. If your goal is to maintain good health and you are, then you are making progress. It doesn't matter if you went from 5 handstand pushups to 20, an 8:54 to an 8:53 Helen, or you were able to achieve your goal by maintaining workouts, congratulations, you made progress. The owners and trainers of CFSCC share this progress with you, as our goal is to see you all achieve yours.


20 DB Hang Power Clean
20 DB Front Squat
20 DB Push Press
20 DB Thrusters
20 DB Single Arm OH Walking Lunges (10 each arm)
at the top of every minute do 5 DB Push Ups
Programming: Annie