Catch and don't be caught. In a workout would you rather be chased or the one chasing? Predator or prey?


Group of three

Three Rounds:

Each round one of the three people per group will work by themselves (rabbit).  The other two will work together, one at a time.  Each person of the group will be the rabbit during one round.  Individually each member of the team does fewer reps than the rabbit, but more total as a team.  They also get to rest while their partner is working.  The goal is for the team to catch the rabbit, and for the rabbit to not get caught.

Rabbit: 20 thrusters (65/95), 20 passthroughs, 20 KBS (35/53), 300m run Team: 30 thrusters (65/95), 30 passthroughs, 30 KBS (35/53), 400m run (200m per teammate consecutively). There is a one minute rest between rounds from the time the last member finishes their run.

Programming: Josh