Many Ways To Do One Thing

There is one single objective in Olympic weightlifting, to get the barbell from the ground to over your head. That's it. You can do it in two movements by the Clean and Jerk or one with the Snatch. There are a lot of different styles, approaches and techniques to accomplish this objective. This is easily seen by watching Olympic weightlifters anywhere. Also this poses a challenge for coaches everywhere at teaching lifters the "right" technique. There are obvious positions and movement patterns that cannot be argued with, e.g. consistency in set up, creating tension in set up, maintaining position over the bar to the second pull, fully extending / jumping with straight arms, elbows high and wide etc. But there are pieces of the Olympic lifts that you will see vary between individuals, e.g hand and feet position, dynamic vs. static start, hip height in set up, speed off the ground etc. Sometimes it takes trying new approaches to figure your way of doing the lift most effectively. Annie got a 15 pound PR with a simple new technique, an "ah-ha" moment like I've never seen. Check out three different styles of the Clean, all achieving the same thing.Kim with a great little power clean Pat Mendes, part of the strength specific seminar last weekend. He can Snatch 400+ pounds at 21 years old. Crazy Clean.


Power Clean 5 x 3

5 Rounds:

10 Power Clean (95/135)

30 Double Under

Programming: Gary