Kisses and Sweet Spots

PhotobucketThe overhead squat is all about the "sweet spot." That is where the bar is perfectly balanced over your center of mass. There aren't many movements that feel better than a heavy overhead squat performed keeping the bar in the sweet spot. Maybe the transition of a muscle up, an in sync rhythm kipping pull up, or a perfectly executed clean? What's yours? Jackie, Shea and Beth looked like they had the sweet spot dialed today.Feels like a lot of questions, but anyway... What is better, ten knee to armpits or 5 knee to elbow? Jim gives you a hint here, let those joints kiss!


Work up to one heavy set of 3 OverHead Squats


5 Rounds

30 seconds Overhead squats (65/95)

30 seconds Toes 2 bar

30 seconds box jumps

30 seconds rest

Record cumulative reps per round

Programming:  Helene


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