Jack's Jump

Check out Jack McGogran get some serious extension in his power snatch. See if you can pause the video when Jack is at the top of his jump in full extension. His feet will have left the ground a bit, arms are straight in the shrug, and the bar is just above his waist line. It is the most important part of the clean or snatch, jumping. Jack displays that beautifully here, very impressive. Workout:

Backsquat/rope climb cluster

25 total reps at a 5 to 7 rep weight.

Complete set of 5 to 7 reps

Every time the bar is racked, complete 2 rope climbs

Rest 30 seconds

Repeat until all 25 reps are complete

End with 2 rope climbs

Record total weight, # of rope climbs, total time

Programming: Helene