The Snatch

PhotobucketOne of the main things we talked about today was maintaining your back position off the ground. It is common to see someone, especially in the snatch, have their hips or butt fly up first, creating a less than ideal back position. Usually when this happens you end up bent too far over the bar with locked out knees, about when the bar is around the knees, a very ineffective spot that will not lead to a good jump. A way to fix this is to get your chest way up in the set up and keep it up. It may help to think about lifting the bar with your chest. Check out some of these world class lifters, do you see them doing anything you were trying to do today?

Liao Hui Watch how he keeps his back position beautifully. Also notice his knees and how they keep back and out as the bar comes up.

Wang Mingjuans A mind-boggling 204.6 pound snatch at 105 pound body weight. (have to wait for replay at end of video for good view).

Pyrros Dimas It's good to watch great lifters, here's one of the best ever. His speed and power are unbelievable.


2 Snatch on the minute every minute for 15 minutes.

Programming: Gary