PhotobucketIf you've ever worked out with Rachel you know that she is one of the more amazing "movers" in the gym. Here she shows us what we all want our backs to look like in the bottom of a thruster. Beautiful. You ever get butterflies before a workout, Fran? They can come before a competition, a big test, a surf session in big waves, or even your first date with Johnny. These nerves you feel mean you are in a state of arousal. The arousal can be facilitative or debilitative, depending on your interpretation of these feelings. You must first have good self-awareness in order to know when you are in this aroused state. Once this state is noticed, techniques can be used to turn the arousal into a positive force. It depends on the context (probably don't want to practice deep relaxation techniques before a football game), but most relaxation techniques involve decreasing anxiety and controlling the mind. A few effective techniques include diaphragmatic breathing (see previous post 11/16/11), progressive relaxation (contracting then relaxing specific muscles), and one-pointed attention. One-pointed or focused attention is the most effective but by far no question at all the hardest. Try it, since you have control of your mind (we all do right), ask it to think about nothing but one thing for 1 minute. Make it simple, chose a word, any word and repeat it for one minute without any other thoughts. It may already be apparent to a lot of you but our minds usually steer the boat, we don't. In other words our thoughts think us. Trying to not go too far down that path, how it applies here is that when you are in a competition, about to do Fran, or in the car on your way to your blind date, your mind has a way of thinking things that help you in absolutely no way at all and actually stress you out (debilitate). So if we have control, why can't we tell the thoughts to go away, or to not come in the first place? The idea behind one-pointed attention is that you chose something, usually a word, and focus on that one thing and nothing else. This gives your mind something to grab on to, not allowing it to think about how bad Fran sucks or how it would really suck if this date went as bad as the last one with Johnny. Controlling your mind through focused attention, not allowing it to be debilitative, WILL increase performance, whether that's with Johnny or Fran. Effectively focusing your mind on one thing, like the word patience, the task at hand, or positive self talk (I can do it!) will not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. Then you will have channeled your arousal state into a facilitative force. Olympic basketball coach Jack Donahue, “it’s not a case of getting rid of the butterflies, it’s a question of getting them to fly in formation.”


Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5


1000m Row

5 rounds:

5 Deadlift (85% 5RM)

5 Burpees

Programming: Gary

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