Front Squat

PhotobucketI have to say, the form on all of the Front Squats today was amazing. There's nothing like a good set of elbows. Matt, Dominic, Dan and Damian were just a few of the many great looking Squatter's this morning. Johnny Chavez, made to squat. Workout:

Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

4 Rounds:

Clock starts, first minute complete 5 Front Squats (85% of 5RM) and 10 Toe to Bar or Knee to Elbow.  The next minute (at 2:00), complete max rep KBS in 1 minute.

2 minute Rest

Repeat, but switch KBS and T2B (10 KBS after Front squats, max T2B in one minute)

2 minute Rest

Repeat same as first round

2 minute Rest

Repeat same as second round

-Score is Front Squat weight and total reps completed on all four max sets.

Programming: Gary

Our next Cycle starts Monday!