Funny Man Mancini

PhotobucketMr. Michael Mancini representing CFSCC at Crossfit Absolute. Check him out on Sunday January 22nd at The Crow's Nest for Comedy Night, should be a hoot.Workout:

Max Pull Up and Dip or Max Muscle Up

5 minute AMRAP of 15 meter dumbbell (30#/40) Farmer Carry's

At the beginning of every minute, including the first one, complete 5 DB Deadlifts, 5 Hang Power Cleans and 5 Front Squats.  With remaining time of each minute farmer carry 15 meters (1 rep), as many reps as possible.

200m Run

Then complete your AMRAP score for time (25 deadlifts, 25 HPC and 25 Front Squats + farmer carry reps).

Score reps and time.

Programming: Gary