Times They Are a-Changin'

PhotobucketThis is a flyer for the first ever Crossfit games. Check out the latest video showing where The Games are at now. The times have a-changed. Crossfit Games Workout:

#1 Partner up with the intent of beating your partners time. You are not working as a team, but as adversaries. #2 Complete the following for time: 200 m Run  30 Heavy Russian KBS (53/70)  250 m Row 60 Double Unders  200 m Run  30 OHS  250 m Row  30 GHD Sit-Ups 200 m Run  (Both partners run 200 meters at the same time.  After running, only one person can do KBS reps at a time, with the person who finished the run first having first go at the kettlebell.  Once the first person sets the KB down to rest or finishes all 30 reps the second person may begin. If the first person has not finished all 30 reps they have to wait until the second person rests or finishes all 30 reps until they can attempt more reps.  Once one person finishes all of their reps they can begin the 250 m row, the second person must continue until they finish all of their individual reps before rowing.  The first person off the rower has first dibs on the double-unders.  Carry on in this manner until all reps are completed.)

Programming: Josh

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