Positioning Before Power

American Olympic hopeful Donny Shankle hang clean then jerks 215 kg (473 lbs) off blocks. One of the main points discussed today was the positioning of the bar on the body in the set up for the jerk and the positioning into the dip. More specifically, creating a shelf for the bar to rest (not gripping the bar in a way that has it floating in space) and keeping contact with the bar through the dip (also not letting it slip down the chest during the dip). This will allow you to effectively drive the bar off your shoulders with your legs, instead of relying on your arms. If you rely on your arms to handle the bar in the jerk, it will limit you to the amount of weight you will be able to lift. In other words, focusing on positioning and technique with the jerk before worrying about power by adding weight, will allow you to lift more in the future.

Side note, it helps to watch other more experienced and efficient lifters, whether it's in class or on youtube, visualization.


Split Jerk 5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1-1


9 Minute Ladder 3-3, 6-6. 9-9, 12-12....

Maneater (20/30# DB)

Toe to Bar or Knee to Elbow

Programming: Gary

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