Super(bowl) Sunday

Only Josh could cook up something like this.


Each person is assigned a lane with six squares. Complete a minimum of six Tabata intervals of each of the following five movements (listed w/ corresponding starting target reps):

13 KBSs, 10 push ups, 17 squats, 12 sit ups, and 20 double-unders.

The Tabata clock will be running continuously with 1 minute rests after every eighth interval. Beginning at the first square, complete 13 KBSs in 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. If you complete all 13 swings in that time you proceed to the next square and try to do 13 reps again. If you did not complete 13 reps you stay in the 1st square and try to repeat the number of reps you did during the 1st 20 seconds (if you only got 10 swings in the 1st 20 seconds that is now your target number for as long as you continue to get 10 reps in 20 seconds). At any square, if you did not complete your target number of reps you move back one square and readjust your target to the amount of reps you just finished. Once you finish at the 6th square you return to the 1st square to begin the next movement at it's set target rep number. The score for each movement is the number of reps completed in the sixth square.

Row cookie: 3:40 worth of rowing was split into seven intervals of differing lengths separated by rests intervals of varying lengths. The trainer keeps time with a stopwatch so that the lengths of the intervals are not known by the rower, they complete the row for total calories.