Front Squat For Clean

PhotobucketJackie puts her humerus bones where we all want them, parallel to the ground. Nothing like a nice set of elbows. You see a lot of cleans failed coming out of the front squat. It would make sense then to front squat in order to increase the clean. The same way overhead squatting is trained to increase the snatch. That is why weightlifters (Olympic lifters) perform those versions of the squat, to increase the clean and snatch. In Crossfit, the overhead squat and front squat are (for the most part) done to strengthen themselves, with the application to the Olympic lifts as an after thought. Today we had more of a weightlifters mind-set, squatting to increase the clean.


Work up to a PR clean if possible.

Then work up to 1 heavy set of front squat.

Programming: Eva