Buy In

Variance is a big part of Crossfit programming. That means you get all different kinds of workouts, these "buy in" workouts being one type. Here's one today from Josh.


Three Rounds consisting of five one minute AMRAPs, with one minute rest between rounds. Each round will be split into five one minute stations.  You begin each station by completing a buy in,  then AMRAP the remainder of the minute.  The stations and their corresponding buy ins are as follows: AMRAP                                    Buy in Shoulder to overhead (53/75)  - 5 shoulder press. Star sit ups                            - 10 GHD sit ups. KBS (35/53)                           - 5 heavy KBS (53/70). Gassers                                 - 100 m row. Rope lowers                           - 3 DH pull ups. Your score is the sum of the highest number of reps completed for each movement out of the three rounds.

Programming: Josh

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