Today was a 20 minute AMRAP partner workout. Two partners that stood out, who were truely there for eachother even after when the workout was over, Rod and Josh (insert sarcastic tone). As Josh gets some serious extension in this first photo warming up for his max attempt, so does buddy ol' pal Rod right in the background. In the next photo you really see a true partner, Rod Caborn, ready to throw himself in the line of fire to save his companion. O and that jump was a non-PR of 53 inches, that's 4 feet 5 inches.PhotobucketPhotobucket


20 min AMRAP with a partner:

Each partner completes as many rounds of the folloving as possible in 1min while the other partner rests alternating minutes until the 20min is complete

Dumbbell floor press x7

Weighted situp x7

Box jump x7

Partner picks up in the round where the other partner leaves off at the end of each minute.

Every 4 minutes, increase dumbbell weight and box height.

Score is total rounds completed as a team.

Programming: Helene