The Setup

PhotobucketOld friend Todd Butka always had a nice setup.The importance of the set-up in the deadlift, or any lift for that matter, cannot be overstated. You can think of any lift in terms of the blackbox model. There is an input (the beginning of the lift or setup), the black box (the movement happens), and then there is an output (the finishing position of the lift). Another way to think of it is you have to get from point A (setup) to point B (finish), and everything that happens in between is the black box. In order for the proper finishing position (output or point B) to be achieved, the correct and appropriate starting position (input or point A) must be set. In other words, for the lift to end right, it has to start right. This has to do with an incorrect starting position altering what happens in the black box and then creating an undesired output. There are obviously exceptions to this, as there have been many successful lifts completed with bad inefficient setups. But what we are going for is consistent efficiency. The first and most important thing is to establish a correct setup. Once that is done, it all becomes about consistency. Every time you set up for a particular lift, it has to be the same every time. If your guessing each time you setup, what happens in the movement (black box) will most likely be different, as will the end of the lift. And that's really what you do not want. You want to establish consistent efficient movement patterns that can be repeated without thinking about it. Put yourself in the best position to succeed by setting up correctly and consistently every time.


Dead Lift 5-5-5-3-2-5

3-5 Rounds Prowler. 3 parking Lot lengths 3 DH Pull Ups 5 Push Ups 7 Dips

Programming: Tara