PhotobucketIn the first photo Johnny sets himself up very nicely. A good rule of thumb for the set up is if you are comfortable you are not set. In the setup you have to get tight. But what does that mean? It means you have to create tension through your body by contracting muscles. This isometric contraction creates force or tension. Ideally you'll have so much tension (force) generated in the setup that the bar will feel weightless off the ground. in other words, the amount of force you've created in the setup by getting tight is more than the weight of the barbell can provide, making the bar feel weightless off the ground. The next photo shows Johnny maintaining his positions off the ground BEAUTIFULLY. Shoulders are over the bar, meaning his hips are loaded (hips are flexed or bent), his back is straight, knees are going back and out of the way as the bar is traveling up. The third shot, the money shot. By setting up and maintaining his positions off the ground, Johnny put himself in an ideal spot for take off! Workout:

Power Snatch 5x3 < 70% 1RM

Open Workout 11.1

10 minute AMRAP:

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches or anyway ground to overhead

Programming: Gary

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