Little Legend

Check out this video, starring the little legend Cooper Shank. His row technique is excellent! Side Note - We will be starting the next cycle on the 23rd, a week from Monday. We've taken into consideration all of your feedback, which we greatly appreciate, and are excited to try out this new format! More details will be coming out this week.


All movements except row are performed using a barbell (33/45) 300 M row  30 One-arm hang power snatch (15 each arm) (33/45) 30 Back squat (33/45) 30 Shoulder press (33/45) 30 Ankles to barbell 200 M row 20 reps of each of the above movements 100 M row 10 reps of each of the above movements.

Cookie: Double under tournament. Congratulations to the 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 AM champions, Cooper Shank, Stephanie Luck, and Tony Swan, respectively.

Programming: Josh

Party time! Next Saturday the 21st we will be celebrating Eva’s induction into the Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. Join us at The Point Chophouse, 6p.m., for the festivities. Guaranteed to be a good time!