Sunny Times

PhotobucketDoes this look staged? Everyone gets ready to run, and the little guy Jackson get's ready to ride.

Side Note - We will be starting the next cycle on the 23rd of April. We’ve taken into consideration all of your feedback, which we greatly appreciate, and are excited to try out this new format! More details will be coming out this week.


800m run

(10xBodyweight)/total dumbbell weight = Number of Reps of dumbbell thrusters

600m run

(8xBodyweight)/total db wt= Number of Reps of db thrusters

400m run

(6xBodyweight)/total db wt= Number of Reps of db thrusters)

200m run

For example:  10 x 130lbs = 1300 divided by 50# (or the sum of two 25# dumbbells)=  26 reps for the first round

Option:  Go heavier for fewer reps per round or lighter for more reps per round.

Programming: Eva

Party time! Saturday the 21st we will be celebrating Eva’s induction into the Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. Join us at The Point Chophouse, 6p.m., for the festivities. Guaranteed to be a good time!