So Sweet Sugah Kane

Mr. Kane aka Sugah, shows us all what we can aspire to.If you notice on the 10-week cycle schedule there are a lot of movements/workouts. The focus movements are colored and the "maintenance" exercises are in black. I hesitate to call them maintenance days because that implies lack of progress (any better terms?). We just want to make sure we are continuing to work on aspects of previous cycles, maintain lifts, and to also give people more freedom as far as choosing their workouts. This idea is contrary to the original Crossfit model, as it has always been about coming in and doing what's on the board. Also, if there is knowledge of the workout ahead of time, people may cherry pick the workouts, never improving on their weaknesses (assuming the weakness is something you'd avoid). Actually, we aren't too worried about that, knowing there has been a long established inside communication system in the gym. We like this new system because it makes sense to us for effective and efficient progress, and according to your feedback, it makes sense to you as well. Let's give it a try!


Back Squat 5-5-5


3 or 4 Rounds:

Prowler trip 50 meters

2 Rope Climbs

Programming: Tara