It's not easy coming up with new movements for a workout program that has been used for years and years. With creativity, Josh manages to continually find new exercises. How many do you see in this video?Workout:

Three Rounds: w/ a partner 1. 30 (each) ab-mat sit ups, handing off a 14# medicine ball to your partner each rep. 2. Burpee broad jump 50 meters (alternate with partner from where you land on the jump and add one push up to the burpee each rep) 3. Partner pull gassers. (Use a rubber band to provide resistance while your partner back peddles 20 yards then switch).  Reps equal the number of burpee broad jumps it took for each partner to reach 50 meters (Most groups took 6 jumps each, so 6 reps of gassers). 4. Thruster then shoulder press.  One partner at a time and the reps equal the number of jumps established in part 2. Example: Each partner did six burpee broad jumps to reach 50 meters so each partner will do six gasser pulls then each will do six thruster/shoulder presses.

Programming: Josh