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photo-2179Janelle stays tight in the midline allowing her shoulder to be in a stable position for the handstand push up. One of the three foundations of the Crossfit methodology is functional movement. These are movements that move large loads, far distances, quickly. This also has to do with thinking about the human body as a unit, and not in a countless combination of isolated muscles. So if the body is one functional unit, where there is never any muscle working in true isolation, it makes sense to train as such, i.e. Crossfit movements. A bicep curl is considered an "isolation" exercise. Looking at this movement through the functional movement lens, does it move a large load, a far distance quickly? It does not, so by Crossfit's definition, it is not functional.

We have to think of the body as a unit; one functional piece where what's happening upstream and downstream is as important if not more important than the primary movers. For example in the handstand push up, it is very important to tighten the trunk (downstream) in order to stabilize the shoulder for an efficient and effective movement. In other words, if you overextend your back in the handstand, you've lost the ability to stabilize the shoulder effectively enough for a completely safe and arguably worthwhile handstand push up.


Press  OR  bench 5x3 If you have greater than 5 hspu then go to failure for 5 sets of hspu. If your rep# becomes less than 1 then make up the sets with the press or the bench.

Then At 80% run a 800-400-200 with a 3 minute rest in between.

Programming: Eva

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