Prep And Prime

photo-1436Looks like a bomb went off, people laid out and struggling to get to their feet; what's going on here? Yard Sale? Or trigger point work of course. It's always an option to come in early, find a little spot and get some trigger point work in. It's a great way to "prep and prime" for a workout.Workout:

1 Minute Max Double Under

7 minute AMRAP:

15 KBS

9 C2B Pull Ups

1 Suicide (three 10 meter turn arounds)

1 Minute Max Double Under

-9 minute running clock.  Max double unders are only completed in first and eighth minutes.  Score total double unders and reps completed in 7 minute AMRAP.

Programming: Annie

Saturday June 9th CFSCC will be participating in the Crossfit For Hope Fundraiser.
This fundraiser will help support the operating costs of St. Jude’s Hospital, which services children with cancer and other deadly diseases.
Please help us support this important cause.