Partner Up!

1337713956Working out with another person cannot only be more fun, but also it can be an effective way to challenge yourself. Tony did exactly that today trying to keep up with Dominic, a hard task to accomplish. He did a great job and I bet if you ask him he'd tell you he pushed himself that much harder. Here they are rep for rep on the deadlifts.Workout:

5 Rounds:

15 Meter Dumbbell Farmer Carry (1/2 Bodyweight)

10 DB Deadlift

30 Meter Farmer Carry

10 DB Dead Lift

15 Meter Farmer Carry

15 Foot Inchworm*

10 Push Up

30 Foot Inchworm

10 Push Up

15 Foot Inchworm

*Inchworm is performed with bent knees.  You have to have hands and feet in contact with the ground at all times and you cannot move hands and feet at the same time, they have to move separately.  It ended looking more like a bear crawl, without the hands and feet moving at the same time.

Programming: Gary

On Sunday May 27th CFSCC will be hosting a fundraiser for local trainer, athlete and friend, Kelvin Nivens. There will be a workout at 9, 10 and 11am and some food and fun afterwards. Please contact annie with any questions.