Action Packed

1338057335Here's the action packed 9am going at it, while Bonnie sits ready to "no rep" any faulty movements.

***ATTENTION*** There will be no 6am or 4-7pm classes on Memorial Day.


4 Rounds -  Partner Workout:

1K Row for time and AMRAP of KBS/Wall Ball

-Partner #1 Rows 500m while partner #2 completes AMRAP of KBS/Wall Ball (you decide rep scheme to get as many reps as possible)

-At completion of 500m row, switch.

-Score 1k row time and total reps

Programming: Gary

On Sunday May 27th CFSCC will be hosting a fundraiser for local trainer, athlete and friend, Kelvin Nivens. There will be a workout at 9, 10 and 11am and some food and fun afterwards. Please contact annie with any questions.