Prowler Line

New member Leslie Smith hit the prowler a few weeks ago with all the boys, she impressively hung tough. Great new addition to CFSCC, welcome Leslie! Side note- Love the order of the single file line, very efficient and effective, nice work. 3-Part Partner Workout:

Part 1 - 6 minute AMRAP:

1 Set Max Bench (105/155)

1 Set Max Knee to Elbow

-Partner #1 completes one set at Bench while partner #2 completes one set of K2E.  Alternate back and forth for 6 minutes.  Score total reps completed

Part 2 - 6 minute clock, i.e 6 rounds:

30 seconds Ball Slam

30 seconds D-ball sit up (medball sit up with D-ball)

-Both partners complete as many reps as possible in 30 seconds of ball slam, right into 30 seconds of D-ball sit ups.  Work at 30 seconds intervals for 6 rounds.  Score total reps.

Part 3 - 6 minute AMRAP:

40 meter Prowler Push (180/270#)

Max Rope Climb

-Partner #1 completes prowler trip, while partner #2 completes as many rope climbs as possible.  Alternate back and forth for 6 minutes.  Score total rope climbs and prowler pushes.

Programming: Gary

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