PhotobucketLarisa Mancini with great form, making it look easy. One of the cool parts about Crossfit is progressing. Movements at one time that looked and felt impossible, become commonplace. Can you think of any movements like that that you've progressed on? Pull ups? Rope Climbs? Knee to Elbow? It's good to not forget the progress, so that you have appreciation for where you're at. Workout:

4 rds: 1 min row for cal

1 min rest

Then:  2 min AMRAP Box jump Toes to bar Matt nasties

1 min rest

Reps for AMRAP = 1st row's calories

Get same # cal each row or burpee penalty 5 burpees for each cal reduction.

Programming: Helene

Saturday June 9th CFSCC will be participating in the Crossfit For Hope Fundraiser.
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