1340330317Sometimes workouts are set up with incentives. For example, if you put the bar down it's a burpee penalty, if you drop from the bar you have to run 400 meters etc. Helene programmed a workout a few weeks back where every calorie you rowed under your first round was a five burpee penalty. Although he was a little misled at the start (someone told him to sprint the first rounds row), Ramon ended up rowing an accumulated 19 calories less than his first row, which if following the rules meant he had to do an additional 95 burpees! 16 minutes later, he got the job done. Here he is looking pretty 57th burpee. Workout:

500m row 21 thrusters (95/65) 21 toes to bar 500m row 15 thrusters 15 T2B 500m row 9 thrusters 9 T2B

Programming: Helene