Who Inspires You?

photo-1212Herrrrrre's Johnny. After all these years Mr. Kane is still nocking out PR's. He added 10 pounds to his Snatch last Monday! Truely inspiring. But it's not necessarily the 10 pound PR that is inspiring, but rather the reasons that allow someone to PR after years and and years of training. It's the determiniation, focus, smarts and love of the game that is inspiring. Showing all of us it is possible. Nice work Mr. Kane!


Partner Workout - 2 Rounds:

400m Farmer Carry (M: 50/35# - W:  35/20#)

60 Burpee

15 Rope Climb

- Two sets of dumbbells per team.  Partners can switch the dumbbells at any point, but if they lay on the ground for more than 5 seconds, it's 15 Deadlifts before the farmer carry can continue.

-Burpee and Rope climbs just get them done, work does not have to be distributed evenly

Programming: Gary