It's All About The Hips

Today we took a little time to address the toe to bar and the different techniques used for the movement. There is the fast way that has a similar swing as the kipping pull up, where you string them together consecutively. And then there is the slower technique where it takes a "double pump" to get the toes up to the bar, can you picture it? From observing these two swings throughout the day, the main difference between them was the location of the hips when the toes hit the bar. Jimmy in this photo is showing great range of motion with his hips in front of the bar.  Photobucket Melissa also shows great range of motion here, but her hips are behind the bar. Which toe to bar was of the faster strung together type and which one was the slower "double pump" version? Photobucket


800m Run

3 Rounds:

18 Toe to Bar

12 Hang Power Clean (105/155#)

9 Up and Over Box aka Box Jump Overs

800m Run (not included in 3 Rounds)

Programming: Michele