Sneak Peak

Shuttle Run and team fun! 134214562520 foot rope climb, looking a lot bigger then 20 feet. 1342145677Pretty cool set up for the ball toss event. 1342145581One of the Reebok tents at the front entrance, caught our eye walking by. Workout:

300m shuttle run:

50m out and back

Right into 100m out and back


As a Team of 2.  Partners alternate work

2 rounds  of:


2 min prowler push (180/90)

2min burpee-box-jumps

2 min ball slams & knees to elbow

30 sec rest between rounds

Teams determine rep scheme and when to alternate

Record reps for each 2 min segment

Programming: Helene

Weekend schedule - Saturday the 14th, 8, 9, and 10am ONLY. Sunday the 15th 9am ONLY