Spirit Of The Games

DeborahThis years spirit of the games award winner went to Deborah Cordner Carson. Deborah bowed out of the games last year, unable to complete the ocean swim. This year she was dealing with that same fear, attempting the swim but coming out again. It seemed for two years in a row she was exiting the competition in the very first event. But with a little encouragement from the Crossfit games team, Deborah attempted the swim again. This time completing the entire swim, staying in the competition and finishing 12th overall! An incredible achievement, no question spirit of the games.Workout:

Tabata Madness 4 Tabata rounds each of Wall ball Russian twist

400m run

4 tabata rounds each of Push press (45/33) Lateral jumps

400 m run

4 tabata rounds each of T2B Push ups

Each rounds scored for total reps

Programming: Michele