Overlook Out

Is it better to land on your toes or flat on your feet out of the burpee? In other words, when you do your push up to your feet in your burpee, should you end on your toes or flat on your feet? You've probably guessed right, it's better to be flat-footed out of the burpee. This is a very simple position that gets overlooked, but it is important to understand the basics principles of squatting and be able to apply those ideas to all movements. It is not unique to the squat that you have your knees out, weight back and straight back. Those are positions and general movement patterns that can be applied to any movement. That is, any movement you desire to complete with effective technique and safe positioning. So whether it's a lunge out of the push up or a jump to your feet, the important thing is that you're landing flat-footed, with your knees out and back straight, not on your toes where all the force is taken in your knees.Workout:

5 Rounds:

250m Row

5 Front Squat (AHAP [as heavy as possible])

7 burpee

-Rest for the time it took you to complete one round, i.e. work to rest ratio 1:1.

Programming: Michele