Standing Tall

photo-1466Nice and tall; Miss Greco.


5 rounds total: Rounds 1-3-5 200m run 21 ball slams 15 elevated ring rows 9 med ball cleans - (on the last rep do a ball toss and broad jump to ball)

Rounds 2&4 200 m backward run 21 double unders 15 dips 9 high box jumps

Every 2 minutes stop work and perform 3 Burpees

Programming: Shari and Michele

In the past week of being home, I feel like I've been able to gain some perspective on my experience at the Games this year. I'll be honest, I was anything but satisfied when Sunday came to a close. I didn't necessarily have any expectations of where I would finish this year, but 23rd definitely wasn't where I wanted to be. After my ninth place finish last year, with minimal training, I thought top 10 was surely within reach for me. Especially with all of the work Gary and I had put in this past year. But, the week/weekend didn't go as planned. For years I didn't participate in the Games because I was afraid of failing. I gave out a million BS reasons why I wasn't doing it, but what it really came down to was the fear of not living up to my own expectations of myself, or even worse, the expectations I thought others had of me. Losing that fear of failing and participating in the Games last year was one of the most freeing feelings I have ever had. A huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I enjoyed myself tremendously. It was by far one of the best experiences of my life. And it sure didn't hurt that I got ninth place and a pair of golden Reeboks. And then this year, in some ways, my fears came true. I know, 23rd in the world is not failing. Just getting there was a huge achievement. But I didn't go there to get 23rd. And so as much as my rational side says it doesn't matter; it does. Or it did. What I've come to realize in this past week is that while getting 23rd may have hurt my ego, that pain fades, and what I'm left with is exactly what I started with. I have a wonderful family. I have the best job in the world. I am getting to do what I love and get immense joy out of doing it. I have the best coach in the world. And I have a wonderful gym in Santa Cruz, full of amazing people who love and support me. Things didn't go the way I wanted to this year. But I'm welcoming this as an opportunity to grow. --annie