Sweat Rabbit

Another workout comes on Sunday from thinking outside the box, resulting in sweat rabbits.Masters competition! Diamond of the Tough, check it out.

Board ALERT.  Please turn in your Nancy time and Snatch weight if you have not already, even if your numbers were on the board.  Thank you


20 minutes - as many rounds as possible:
5  reps - bench press (starting weight: 65/95)
8  reps - weighted leg lifts (4#/6# med ball)
10 reps - 1-arm hang power snatch ( starting weight: 10/20# DBs), five reps each arm.
20 reps - high knees
Alternate rounds with a partner.  After each partner completes a round, add 5/10 pounds to the bench press and increase the weight of the hang power snatch by 5 pounds, repeat.
Programming: Josh

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