Line Em' Up

Get in line and ready to run for a little Sunday suicide fun!Workout:

Part I
Row challenge:  Start with 20 pulls on the rower.  You must row a minimum of 100 meters.  Then, 18 pulls, rowing farther than the previous round.  Then, 16 pulls, rowing farther than the round of 18 pulls.  Continue until you can't row farther than the previous round with two fewer pulls.
Part II
5 weighted box step-ups (20# D-ball)
5 seated shoulder press (25/35# DBs)
5 ball slams (20#)
Suicide sprint, then 1 minute rest.
Complete 10 rounds.  The person who finishes each round in first place adds two reps to the next round, 2nd places adds one rep, 2nd to last subtracts one rep, and last place subtracts two reps.
Programming: Josh