Action Shot

photo-1423Great action shot mid rope climb.




Two Teams:

800m relay – ½ of each team runs 800m, then tags the other ½ of their team who also run 800m

Record total time for each team to complete the relay.

Then Each team’s Time at each of the following stations = the OTHER teams total 800m relay time

Station 1:  complete as many rope climbs – all team members may work at the same time

Station 2:  Prowler – move as much weight as possible 30m

Prowler weight and number of trips to be decided by the team – all team members may work at the same time.

Score: Total weight moved and total rope climbs.

Programming: Helene

If you have not already check out the Olympic Lifting Seminar we are hosting on October 6th (linked to the right of the page).  Annie and I both attended this seminar at Crossfit West a few months back and cannot recommend it enough.


This years affiliate cup will take place October 20th at Crossfit Santa Cruz, so start finding your team members!