The Man

photo-2364The man, the myth, the legend. Happy Birthday Jimmy Baker!Workout:

For Time:

Packet 1

30 shuttle runs

65 weighted lunges (20/30)

65 med-ball situps (8/14)

65 pushups

Packet 2

30 shuttle runs

30 weighted lunges

30 med-ball situps

30 pushups

Packet 3

30 shuttle runs

11 weighted lunges

11 med-ball situps

11 Pushups

Break up each "packet" of work into subsets any way you want but must complete a packet before moving on to the next.

Programming: Helene

Very interesting video on Continuous Chest Compression. Thank you Mary for sharing. Continuous Chest Compression CPR

Hey everyone. The Diamond in the Tough competition is in full swing. We have several members competing and many of them will make the final on Sept 29th.

The final is at CrossFit West Santa Cruz and we need volunteers! If you are interested, register here
Volunteers get food, T-shirts and some really cool SWAG bags !