photo-251If you've been in the gym lately, you know this girl has been on fire. Your hard work is inspiring, keep it up Elana!Workout:

Wall Ball 40-30-20-10

Rope Climb 4-3-2-1

Run 200-400-200-400

KBS 10-20-30-40

In-Out 10-10-10-10

Workout starts with 40 wall balls, goes to 4 rope climbs, 200m run and so on.

Programming: Shari

Hey everyone. The Diamond in the Tough competition is in full swing. We have several members competing and many of them will make the final on Sept 29th.

The final is at CrossFit West Santa Cruz and we need volunteers! If you are interested, register here
Volunteers get food, T-shirts and some really cool SWAG bags !