What's Your Background?

We've talked a lot about what the best background of athleticism is for Crossfit. Gymnastics gets the nod for most people. How about a competitive yoga background? Baldo shows an application of that experience here. Do you have an athletic background that you feel is supporting your movements and/or workouts in Crossfit? (And no, a brief stint at diving does not count). Workout:

20 minutes of ttb practice and push up practice that includes: 10 kte- 10ttb, 5 straight leg no kip ttb chin down. Try straddle through.

And push up practice  10 narrow 10 wide 10 regular 10 instep ...ALL with straight body, legs together, full range with full rom.

Then 3x 500m row with 2x the rest as your effort. Record time and tactics for each interval.

Programming: Eva