Master Blasters

A few of the folks from the 9am class today, enjoying the cookie.

Next Friday 5 ladies from our gym will be representing CSCC at the 2012 American Masters Weightlifting Championships in Monrovia, CA. If you see Miriam Allersma, Sharon Block, Susan Karon, Jill Ecklund or Kelly Greco around the gym, be sure to wish them luck!


Work up to 1RM Shoulder Press, Then 3 singles at 90%

Then: 3 rounds: 1 min Handstand Pushups 1 min Ball Slams Rest 30 sec 1 min Kettlebell swings 1 min Gasers Rest 30 sec 1 min medball situps 1 min Russian Twists

Rest 1 minute between rounds Score total reps each round

Programming: Helene