Veterans Day

photo-1862Rising sun Sunday action. A great clip from The 2012 Masters Weightlfiting Championships. Workout: Teams of two.   In the first minute complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of: one wall ball,  one push up, and one pass-through while your partner completes AMRAP of: one kettlebell swing, one ball slam, and one jumping-squat. After one minute partners switch positions and complete AMRAP of the other triplet for one minute, then both rest for 30 seconds.  The next time through, one round consists of two reps of each movement; the third time through one round equals three reps of each movement, etc.., until they have done this eight times.  The score is the team's combined number of rounds completed.

Programming: Josh

Thank you to all past and current military personnel for all that you do and have done.