Don't Shortchange Yourself

1353372155Three lovely ladies that were hitting great positions today. Off the ground, through the middle and then as you see here with some beautiful looking front rack positions. Today we looked at the clean in a bit of a different way then in the past. Instead of putting an emphasis on "getting under the bar" by pulling into a low front squat position, we looked at landing as low as need be. In other words when the weight was light, the bar was received high and then rode down. As the weight got heavier and when it became imperative, the receiving position got lower and lower. It is an interesting experiment to see what happens through the second pull (jump phase) when we are focusing on landing as high as the weight will allow, as compared to that same phase when the third pull or "getting under the bar" is stressed. In general we see more people getting better extension through the middle, generating more power, and less "shortchanged" hips where extension is missed.

Happy Birthday D-Wayne!


2 Clean EMOM for 10 minutes



DB Hang Clean (35/45#)

Burpee Pull Up

Programming: Gary

7:30 and 9am Only This Thursday Thanksgiving Morning!