Community Time

photo-995One of if the not the best element of Crossfit, community. Please join us this Saturday at The Point Chophouse for THE community event of the year, the Christmas party, starting at 6:30pm.Workout:

Five rounds of: 

Each round begins with a row.  The rower has ten seconds to get their 500m split under 2:20(men)/2:30(women) then maintain at least that split for the next ten seconds.      The rower has the next ten seconds (:11-:20) to get their split under 2:10/2:20.  Every ten seconds of rowing the target split reduces by ten seconds. Continue to row until you cannot keep your split within the range you are within or you cannot achieve the target split of the next range.  Mark the time of failure.  
Rest 30 seconds then for the amount of time established during the row:
10 dumbbell bench press (25/40) buy-in, then
AMRAP - 10 jumping squats and 10 weighted Abmat sit ups.  Score is AMRAP rep total.
Alternate rounds with a partner, resting when they are working.