Over The Bar

1356042542Larisa setting herself up very nicely here.

Today we talked a little about the prep in the hang power clean and how to set yourself up effectively. The emphasis was on moving through your hip or coming over the bar. This not only has to do with the fact that in order to use your hip, i.e extend it, it must first be flexed.

I ran into an article speaking about the same idea, but thinking about it in terms of leverage. See if you can see the similarities. READ THIS IF YOU LIKE TO CLEAN OR SNATCH and please ask questions if ANY pop up. Workout:

3 Hang Power Clean EMOM for 7 minutes.

5 Rounds - 15 minute CAP:

21 Thrusters (55/75#)

3 Rope climbs or 15 pull ups (5:1)

*7 Burpees at 4th, 8th and 12th minutes